Do you ever feel like you're running on empty? I don't mean your car, but in your life where you feel like you're running on fumes perhaps not quite s...View Details

Do you ever have mornings when your alarm goes off and you start thinking about some prickly people you're gonna have to deal with that day, or you th...View Details

Is there a time in your life when God's presence has been especially real to you? A time when you could just feel God right there with you? That's a p...View Details

Do you ever wonder why I begin every one of these conversations with the Lord be with you? Well, I do it because that is the Bible's way of blessing s...View Details

People say that you got to have self-confidence... That it's all about self-confidence. That if you don't have self-confidence that you're going to be...View Details

I have in mind, any of you who feel like you're facing an impossible task. You know that God has called you to something. But you're feeling that mayb...View Details

How do you picture God today? You see, God is smiling at you or is God frowning? For a long time, I pictured God as frowning at me, it's like I though...View Details

I wanna think with you for a few moments about six things that we need to say before we die, as I've actually come to think of them as six things we n...View Details

Do you ever wonder what God is up to? Do you wonder what God is thinking? What does God have in mind with our troubles and trials? As a pastor and cha...View Details

Have you noticed that God's timing often does not coincide with our timing, so that we often find ourselves waiting? Waiting for God, but you know wha...View Details

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