Question, what do you like to call Jesus? How do you like to address Jesus when you pray? You call Jesus Lord. Savior, master, mighty God? Well, I'm g...View Details

On that dark Good Friday afternoon, Jesus was literally dead, he was limp lifeless from bearing the penalty for our sins. Then on the third day, the H...View Details

The well-known American preacher, Reverend RG Lee was visiting the holy land many years ago. And the first place he wanted to go was to Gordon's Calva...View Details

Today is Holy Saturday. I know that Hallmark does not make greeting cards for Holy Saturday and that Holy Saturday is not on most people's calendars, ...View Details

Every preacher that I've ever known, put in some long hours during Holy Week, burns some midnight oil, as we're wanting to communicate to make clear t...View Details

Have you seen that beautiful Passover moon looking down on us the past few nights? What that Passover Moon is telling us is that this is Holy Week. We...View Details

I wonder if you ever have days, ever have nights when you feel like Atlas like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. If you're fe...View Details

Do you ever read the Bible and you feel like you're reading today's headlines? Well, that's what I'm feeling today, as I read Psalm 11 where I see fri...View Details

Home. Can you think of a more wonderful, more lovely word than home? The longing for home is deep, and most of us, that safe place where we can go jus...View Details

Recently, a wise friend reminded me, Tim, what we're facing in our country right now and in our lives, it's really a spiritual battle, because we are ...View Details

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