Wow! Did you see that supermoon the other night? It was so beautiful. A supermoon is when the moon comes closest to the earth and it is so big and bright. Well, I looked up at that supermoon and I thought, I thought how the Psalmist is right, that the heavens do declare the glory of God. But sometimes when I look up at the sky, I think the Hubble Telescope reveals that there are more stars in the observable universe than there are grains of sand on all of the earth's deserts and beaches. I look up at the sky and I can feel so small, so insignificant, and I wonder, what does it mean for us to be human beings... What are human being? That is the question posed by David, and a Psalm that I wanna look at today, a Psalm in which David... Well, he is in awe of the magnificence of the night sky, and David asks, What are human beings? And you know that that is what are the most important questions facing our culture today, a question that in many ways is dividing our culture. It is a burning question, What are human beings?


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