Home. Can you think of a more wonderful, more lovely word than home? The longing for home is deep, and most of us, that safe place where we can go just as we are, and they take a sin where we can kick off our shoes and relax and simply be who we are. We remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who says, There's no place like home. And with those words and three clicks of her heels, Dorothy is back home from the land of Oz, back home with Auntie Em, the cowardly lion, and the tin man and all that really matters. It's at home. Most of us know about Dorothy is feeling that there is no place like home. Sure, we love to travel and to explore the wondrous big world, but it is good to come home, home is where the heart is, we say. Bartlett Geomati, former commissioner of baseball, and before that president of Yale University, when asked to explain the popularity of baseball in America, Geomati said, Well, baseball is all about going home, and we all want to get home. It's our longing to get home. That is at the heart of a passage from the Psalms that I wanna share with you today in Psalm 84.


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