Have you ever been going through a difficult time and someone says to you, I know what you're going through?

As well-intention as those words might be, I know what you're going through can sound hollow when you just buried your husband. Or when you're caring for a special needs child. Or when you've lost your job. Oh, someone might know bits and pieces of what you're going through, but no one really knows what you're going through, nobody knows but Jesus. And Jesus doesn't just know the facts of what you're going through. Jesus knows the feeling. Jesus feels with you the feelings of all that you're going through, Jesus hurts. He cries that's why I love to sing the old spiritual. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows but Jesus. And once more Jesus doesn't just know what you're going through, Jesus wants to help you.

We see this in a passage of Scripture that I have well, underlined in my Bible, it's Hebrews chapter 4 verse 14 through 16.

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